Delivery Policy

We let you live the fashion by easily buying the classy trends from our leather jacket store. Celebrity Jacket is proud to present the efficient delivery service all around the world by processing your orders as soon as possible. We are obliged to bring the best in everything while rest is outclassed through our proficient collaborations with the exciting operations. The delivery service at Celebrity Jacket is one of those kinds, which is remarkable in its service as well as providing instant solutions to fulfil the customer’s desires. You wish to grab the favourite one while we also wish to satisfy every time. Our cutting-edge delivery system let you enjoy the shopping festivities by delivering them their prestigious order right on the doorsteps.

Follow our basic delivery policy to make sure your orders are processed on time while the delivery becomes effective from the day you ordered on our website:

  1. Once your order is confirmed, the delivery is processed on the same day while the package is sent to your doorstep in the allotted time schedule.
  2. The pre-designed leather jackets are delivered in 7 to 14 business days at maximum.
  3. All the orders with custom designs are delivered in more than 14 business days.
  4. The company is responsible for any loss or theft that is been held while the delivery is processed. You are required to inspect the package thoroughly before signing the received order.
  5. Most importantly, any concerned person must be available to sign the package on your behalf if in case you are not available at the moment.
  6. In case the package is not delivered to the right address, the order will be sent back to us.
  7. You are required to track your order in order to avoid inconvenience.
  8. Send us the complete shipment details so that your order may reach to you in the prescribed time.

Make sure you accept and agree with our delivery policy so that your shopping experience may be beneficial until you receive the order in any time. Contact us at [email protected] to know more details.

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