Cancellation Policy

Advancing your Shopping Experience

At Celebrity Jacket, you can now avail another opportunity to make your shopping experience more fruitful. If you are curious to find out what’s going to happen after you cancel the order, then we must assure you that our management would feel the pleasure to have you back by providing you the stock of fashionable collection to let you indulge in the trendy outfits that marks your identity in every class. Our cancellation policy is designed to let you know how our basic standards to cancel the order whenever you wish to do so. You value to us and that’s why we launch our services to support your decisions at every step. CelebrityJacket presents its customers with a value-adding service that exhibits the premium quality, which is not compromised at any level.

If any of our customers are unsatisfied with the leather jacket or other services, we would like our customers to share their queries before cancelling the order right away. However, we respect the decision of our customer; therefore, cancellation policy is enlisted to make sure the process becomes easy at both the ends.

  1. The orders must be cancelled between 24 to 48 hours of its placement to avoid mismanagement in any circumstances.
  2. All the orders cancelled within the 24 to 48 hours would receive full payment including the delivery charges.
  3. All the orders cancelled after 48 hours would receive 70% of refund of the leather jacket as well as full delivery charges.
  4. All the orders cancelled after 72 hours would not receive any refund as our stylists may have started designing your leather jackets as soon as the order is placed
  5. After the orders are dispatched, no cost would be refunded to the customer.
  6. Your refund amount will be transferred to the preferred account in 5 to 7 business days.

Your patience would be appreciated while we process your cancellation and re-credit the refunded amount. Make sure you affirm with our policy and take steps as required.

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