Snoop Dogg Blue Bandana Tracksuit Guide

Snoop Dogg Blue Bandana Tracksuit Guide | Celebrity Jacket

Hello there NFL fan club! We heard that the Super Bowl halftime show broke all the previous records this time, is that true? Well, that’s not hard to figure out considering social media is flooded with articles, blogs, and memes also. Yes, you heard it right! Memes. And the center of attention was our all-time favorite Snoop Dogg

Because of his Blue bandana Tracksuit, he managed to get quite the attention. Although this is nothing new for him or his fans. He has been seen wearing all types of outfits several times and we think that is an effective way to shift each sight towards you. 

He wasn’t the only one performing in the halftime show but there were many other famous people too. But the thing is, why the town is talking just about his outfit and not about Dr. Dre jacket? Well, first of all, it was not blue, secondly, it was not a bandana, and lastly, he was not paying homage to a street gang. To understand what does that means, you might need to stay a little longer because we will be unleashing many things in this guide.

What is National Football League?  

For those who are confused about what we are talking super bowl is a playoff championship game of the NFL that is performed annually and it’s been going on since 1996. This year the game was scheduled for the second Sunday of February and the event took place in SoFi 

Stadium. Out of context, but people are still asking each other if anyone has the super bowl outfits for sale. You’ll understand why we have mentioned it once you reached the end of this article. But before that, let’s talk about the crowd! 

The stadium was filled with a huge crowd supporting their favorite teams as well as some of the most renowned celebrities. The show started around 6:30 on Feb, 13 and was broadcasted live on NBC. And everyone put on a great show. As compared to the previous super bowl halftime shows, this was something that people were rooting for. Or maybe they were just rooting for Snoop Dogg‘s blue tracksuit. Well, whatever it was, it was worth it.

Snoop and his sense of dressing

As we know that he doesn’t need any intro because of the popularity he got throughout the years being a media personality. He is America’s well-known rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, actor, and whatnot. He just needs to step into the fashion industry because he has a great sense of dressing, although some people can’t understand. But that does not mean you should stop wearing your style just because people don’t like it.

You can just imagine how people went crazy over just a piece of clothing that they started finding online. Snoop surely knows how to maintain his charisma. Since everyone is talking about his outfit, we decide to prepare a proper guide about it just so that fans don’t have to wander here and there. In the following blog, you are going to discover everything about the legendary Shante Broadus Blue Bandana Tracksuit. Its design, color combination, jewelry, and last but not least the shoes! So, from where should we start?

The classic blue bandana 

Oh yes, the halftime show. The only thing that got more attention than the blue bandana is the fact that this 50-year-old artist honored California’s most sought-after street gang through his performance because he used to be a part of it at some point in his life. There was news that NFL did not want it to happen but hello?? That’s Snoop and he follows no rules. Anyways, he was spotted wearing this outclass blue bandana tracksuit during the super bowl halftime show. He performed alongside Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige, and Dr. Dre. This is currently one of the best halftime shows in the history of the NFL championship game. Not just because of their performances but because of the outfits they had on too. 

Considering Eminem Jacket, that alone might be costly enough but that’s okay because right now we are not talking about that.

The color scheme of the tracksuit 

Moving on to our blue bandana which was not completely blue. It has a touch of yellow too that can be seen in the whole design because the colors are quite evident. The main character in this soap opera is blue whereas the yellow can be considered junior artists but important. 

This bandana consisted of a round neck and there weren’t such details that can be specified except for its fabric and the way it was stitched to perfection. You can tell by the enthusiasm he had that this is going to be the best performance of his life. 

Its pattern 

The competition was quite tough because we had Kendrick’s Outfit on the list too. But the way Snoop carried his outfits, that’s the actual thing. A tracksuit completely covered in a white paisley pattern. Well, he did not need anything further to compliment the look but he added a finishing touch with branded sunglasses and lots of gold chains on his neck.

The white converse with yellow laces

Moreover, he can be seen wearing outclass pair of white converse with yellow laces. See, that’s what you call a true fashion fanatic, they don’t get scared of putting on anything new. This might sound absurd but some the people took this so far on the internet and compared the look with different things. Good or bad, in both cases, the outfit got popular and now people are asking each other where to buy it! 

The inspiration behind this outfit 

Many people want to know about the inspiration behind this masterpiece. Well, according to our research, this blue bandana is a symbol that represents the African-American California street gang Rollin 20 Crips and there is no surprise that Snoop used to be a member of this gang. The gang was founded in 1969 and is known to be the USA’s largest street gang association. Where he touched many hearts with his performances throughout his career, he never forgot the part of him that used to work for a gang and that is the reason why he chose to pay tribute to them. For a person like Snoop, it is never hard to amuse people. 


It can be details of the tracksuit, its fabric, the history behind it, or the fact that it has been worn by a celebrity in super bowl 2022. Anything can be the reason why Snoop Dogg Tracksuit got so hyped up. But we know one thing and that is, every performance was great.

Sometimes you need to stop following the trends and be the one that set them. Just like Calvin Cordozar aka Snoop Dogg. He stepped on the stage like it was meant for him and this isn’t a new thing for him but this time it was something different.

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