Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Matrix Resurrections 2021

Here's everything you need to know about the Matrix Resurrections 2021 movie

Released in 1999, ‘The Matrix’ was a science-fiction and action movie that grossed up to $465.3 million. It was one of the most anticipated movies of all time and was loved by the audience on a positive note. With two more reboots released in the sci-fi movie franchise respectively in the year 2003, The Matrix is making a great comeback in cinema history this year!

‘The Matrix 4’ is just a few months away from its release in cinemas and after the first stunning look of the movie, the audience is madly waiting for the movie like crazies. The entire entertainment industry is talking about the return of the biggest and greatest film of all time.

Whole-hearted fans of the movie have finally feasted upon the first trailer and now the wait couldn’t be more patient. A little back in August 2021, it was confirmed at the CinemaCon that the fourth installment of the movie “The Matrix Resurrections” is officially releasing. The trailer was released on September 9.

Nobody would have expected that the return of Matrix will be completed before 2022 but all thanks to Warner Bros who surprisingly moved the movie up to 22nd December 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the movies are getting delayed but ‘The Matrix 4’ is all set to release before the New Year.

However, the ultimate good news about the entire Matrix 4 movie is, Keanu Reeves and Carrie- Anne Moss is all set to reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity but, Laurence Fishburne won’t be back as the Morpheus.


If you are one of the greatest fans of The Matrix franchise then you need to watch this movie as soon as it releases out! If you have missed the trailer already then make sure to check it out on YouTube.

The title of the movie has been revealed as “The Matrix Resurrections” and we have compiled all the things that you need to know about the movie after the release of its trailer.

The heartthrob of the movie is Keanu Reeves who would be reprising his role of Neo. His heart-stopping looks and mind-blowing acting have a separate fan base. Not only the acting skills but the fashion sense of the actor is to die for! His portrayal as Neo in The Matrix Neo trench coat and in other attires has stolen the entire show!

Who is in the movie?

With the main leads Reeves and Moss, the other supporting cast includes Neil Patrick Harris, Yahya Abdul Mateen II, and Jada Pinkett Smith who already had played Niobe in the two sequels of The Matrix. Resources have also highlighted that Abdul Mateen may play the role of young Morpheus in this new sequel.

Who is making the movie?

The minds who have been behind the first three reboots of the movie have directed and written the Matrix: Resurrections. Lana Wachowski with her sister Lilly had envisioned the original trilogy of the movie and is now back with a bang!

Warner Bros stated that they were more than excited to be re-entering the matrix with Lana. Everybody believes that Lana is truly a visionary and creative filmmaker who is having phenomenal and great ideas for the films. Warner Bros were also found stating that the new chapter namely Matrix: Resurrection is written, directed, and produced by Lana.

A quick review of The Matrix: Resurrections:

The matrix trilogy that was concluded in 2003 with Matrix Revolutions earned up to $1.6 billion at the global box office. The main trilogy of the movie ended with the peace and harmony between the machines and the humans. This gave the humans the option to leave the Matrix entirely. But, the main leads of Neo and Trinity die in the final film.

But, this is now teased that in the end, Neo will return. However, this is not clear that how Reeves and Moss would be reprising their roles.

The trailer of the movie also tells us about the film that what we should be expecting from the Matrix: Resurrections. This has been thought that Neo is living in the near future San Francisco and is trapped in a boring existence at the very start of the matrix. He can be seen running to Trinity at the café where she asks him that if they have ever met.

Furthermore, the trailer cuts to assorted acts of Matrix action sequences. However, this is clear with the trailer that Neo would be back to Matrix somehow but this is not shown that how and why!


To know all the answers, we would have to wait till the film releases in December. Till then fingers crossed with the hearts praying for a phenomenal come back of Neo and Trinity. Save up your money to get a seat in the cinema on 22nd December 2021!

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