Here Are the Best Outfits from the Sci-Fi Flick the Fifth Element

A list of some of the best outfits from the 1997 movie The Fifth Element

There are a lot of science fiction movies that have broken the ground with their extreme growth and phenomenal actors. Science fiction is one of those genres in the movie that can hook the audience to their sofas for a very long time and this is never going to slow down!

Ever since Netflix came, people’s choices have changed lately and the common audience is shifting towards movies that have strong storylines and spine-chilling stories.

Even if Netflix is out of some great movie, people are searching it via their own web servers and are accessing it to enjoy the real thrilling movies.

Going back to the late 90s when science fiction was the new genre in the entertainment industry, people enjoyed a bit different taste in the movies. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the most-watched movie of 1997- The Fifth Element! Fast forward into 2021, the movie has become popular again and is being watched by the audience nowadays a lot!


Released in 1997 and directed by the great Luc Besson, The Fifth Element is a science-fiction and action movie with 90% audience liking it on Google. The film grossed over $263.9 million and was highly praised for the actors’ phenomenal cast and wonderful acting.

The story of the movie revolved around a cab driver, Korben Dallas who is trying to secure the four mystical stones and the mysterious fifth element. The power of that element is it can defeat the cosmic evil force during the apocalyptic war all alone.

The alarm clock of Korben says that it is the year 2263! This means that the movie is set in future times. The movie enjoyed great success around the whole globe.


In today’s world, the outfits of superheroes can highly be customized and computerized. Dating it back to 1997 when the sci-fi flick classic was only the fifth element.

If any classic science fiction film could have ever had the amazing and inspiring costumes, this could be only the fifth element. The famous couture designer Jean Paul Gaultier designed the dresses and his artistic vision made the stars shine with a pop of color. Let’s have a look at some of the iconic dresses from the movie.

Korben Dallas:

The special jacket of Bruce Willis who portrayed the character of Korben Dallas in the movie is definitely worth having a piece of garb. This dark brown jacket is made up of polyester. If you want to get the same jacket as him, you can visit the virtual store of Celebrity jacket and can find the Korben Dallas jacket at a discounted price.

Zorg’s Henchman:

The evil mastermind named henchman was for the corrupt industrialist and was seen in half of the movie in just one dress. His leather jacket is simply one of the classiest pieces of time due to the buckled-buttoned neck collar. With leather pants and a leather jacket, this outfit is quite interesting.

Baby Ray:

The role of baby ray was played by Ian Beckett when Korben was attending the concert of Diva. Baby ray outfit is definitely something with which you will be inspired for sure. The sheer lace flower top with white pants and added bleached white hair, a complete Victorian Vibe.

The Diva:

Talking about The Fifth Element and not talking about the Diva, how this could be even possible. Her musical abilities in the movie just made her look phenomenal. With the metallic blue color and skin-tight look of the outfit, the blue ocean looked more like an alien being and would be remembered for the skinny outfit in blue color.

The Mangalores:

In the movie, when two Mangalores disguised themselves as humans, this became an iconic and most-talked-about scene of town. The female Mangalore was wearing a clear lime green plastic skirt with the black pipe trimming and it was offset with the furry cropped coat.

Zorg’s pinstripe suit:

Who can forget Zorg? As he was portraying the character of a businessman so he needed to have an amazing suit. This classic pinstripe design of the dress shirt made him look funny yet cute as well. With shiny green material and a high collar, this outfit was surely iconic.

Leeloo’s orange suspenders:

The character of Leeloo was portrayed by Milla Jovovich and she appeared in a cute yet sensual outfit. This was the bright pop of orange with golden leggings and black trim. Paired up with a ribbed crop top, the orange color rubber suspenders made the outfit iconic.

Ruby’s Rhod Leopard printed jumpsuit:

The leopard-printed jumpsuit of Ruby was definitely worth remembering. The dress was off the shoulder almost and was a wide neck top with an elongated collar. It was pretty feminine yet extravagant to wear.

The McDonald’s girls:

The McDonald’s worker in the movie played by Marie Gulliard grabbed a lot of attention for her detailed outfit. It was a bit flirty and funny and involved a shirt red strapless mini dress. The neckline was adorned with yellow trim to make it look like M.

Airport and flight attendants:

The unorthodox uniforms of the airport and flight attendants took the light as well. It wasn’t professional and looked like fun. They wore a stiff neoprene material in different variants of blue. Such sensual dress would surely take the lights. The tops with chest cutouts were paired with short miniskirts.

Leeloo’s bandage dress:

The most recognized outfit from the movie was the bandage dress of Leeloo. This was the futuristic style needed for the movie and the scene as well. Fiery orange-toned redhead popped against the white bandages was simply iconic to remember.


The Fifth Element gained the limelight due to its storyline and the classic-iconic costumes of the characters. The aforementioned outfits were some of the best picks from the movie and surely fall into the topmost iconic celebrity movie jackets bucket list. They are undoubtedly unforgettable due to their fashion-forward style and would surely be remembered by the audience for many years to come!

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